Germany Under Fire Over NATO Defense Spending (excerpt)
(Source: Politico EU; posted March 14, 2019)
By Laurenz Gehrke
Germany’s defense budget is rising significantly as it tracks GDP growth, but will never attain NATO’s target of 2% of GDP; Germany’s real problem is the availability of its military equipment more than its level of spending. (GE MoD photo)
BRUSSELS --- Defense spending by NATO's European members hit a five-year high last year, as measured by a proportion of GDP, but still only six countries, plus the United States, met a U.S.-driven target of spending 2 percent of economic output on defense, according to the alliance's latest annual report released Thursday.

Overall, European allies spent 1.51 percent of GDP on defense, with only Britain, Poland, Greece and the three "frontline" Baltic nations — Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — hitting the 2 percent of GDP goal that is being pushed by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The NATO allies pledged five years ago to spend 2 percent of annual GDP on defense by 2024.

Germany, the wealthiest of the European allies, spent $50.2 billion on defense last year, an increase of more than $4.6 billion on 2017, but still only equal to 1.23 percent of its GDP, unchanged from the previous year. (end of excerpt)

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