Hensoldt Enters into A Long-Term Framework Agreement with Airbus Helicopters for the Airborne Self-Protection System AMPS
(Source: Hensoldt; issued March 15, 2019)
Hensoldt and Airbus Helicopters have agreed to work closer together to protect helicopters, by fitting Airborne Missile Protection System - shown here fitted to Bundeswehr H145s - to Airbus-made helicopters. (Hensoldt photo)
TAUFKIRCHEN, Germany --- At the end of 2018, Hensoldt and Airbus Helicopters signed a framework agreement for the delivery of the Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS). Initially, the agreement will have a term of ten years without any minimum purchase requirement being set. Now the first order has already been placed.

Hensoldt will deliver a total of 20 complete AMPS systems for the military multirole helicopter H145M in 2019/2020. “The present framework agreement allows us to supply our airborne self-protection system for all Airbus Helicopters platforms without having to prepare an offer in advance. This reduces the amount of administration between the former sister companies considerably and defines clear conditions for project processing,” explained Daniel Ehbauer, Project Manager at Hensoldt.

At the moment, Hensoldt offers AMPS in two standard configurations for different applications. The customers choose the modules of their systems and the number of sensors needed to meet their requirements. The standard modules include MILDS (Missile Launch Detection System), MILDS Block 2 and ACDU (Advanced Control and Display Unit). Moreover, the agreement has provisions for a gradual extension by means of additional equipment. This means that the agreement also creates the general conditions required for extending the systems and functionalities. Since the system can theoretically be used on all Airbus Helicopters platforms, the one-off costs will turn out to be much lower for the customer, or such costs may even not be incurred at all.

Hensoldt’s AMPS is already deployed on Airbus Helicopters’ H225M and H135M platforms. Furthermore, the initial AMPS-M project was carried out with great success on H145. The first H145M platforms were also equipped with AMPS for further customers.

Hensoldt is a global pioneer of technology and innovation in the area of defence and security electronics. The company is a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions. It develops new products to counter a wide variety of threats based on disruptive concepts in such fields as big data, robotics and cyber security. With a workforce of some 4,300 employees, Hensoldt generates revenues of about 1 billion euros per year.


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