(Source: UK Defence Equipment & Support; issued March 19, 2019)
Ajax is the British Army’s new multi-role, fully-digitised armoured fighting vehicle delivering a step-change in versatility and agility, being delivered by DE&S through the biggest single order of armoured vehicles in a generation.

Watch Ares (part of the Ajax family of vehicles) put through its paces by the British Army. (DES video)

Ajax programme at a glance

The Ajax family of vehicles also includes five other variants, named Ares, Athena, Atlas, Apollo and Argus which are designed to cover roles ranging from troop carrying to recovery and command and control.

Ajax will equip the British Army’s Armoured Cavalry Regiments, as well as elements of the Armoured and Armoured Infantry battlegroups and Combat Support and Combat Support elements.

Ajax will perform a number of roles, including support of the British Army’s new Strike Brigades.

The DE&S Vehicle Demonstration and Manufacturing Team is overseeing the assembly of the vehicles in Merthyr Tydfil prior to their entry into service, planned for 2020.

“The Ajax programme is the biggest project of its type in 30 years. DE&S teams, working hand-in-hand with the British Army and industry, are turning these impressive plans into reality,” said David Penlington, DE&S Vehicle Demonstration and Manufacturing Team Leader.


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