Armed Forces Minister Welcomes the Choice of a French Offer to Equip the Belgian and Dutch Navies with Mine Counter-Measures Vessels
(Source: French Ministry of Defense, issued March 20, 2019)
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Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, welcomes the selection of the offer by Belgium Naval & Robotics consortium, bringing together French manufacturers Naval Group and ECA Robotics, to renew the capabilities of the Belgian and Dutch navies against underwater mines.

The minister welcomes this cooperation of between three countries that are active in acting for a stronger European defence.

This choice is the continuation of a long-standing close relationship in this field between France, Belgium and the Netherlands, since the minesweepers currently used by the French, Belgian and Dutch navies were developed during the 1970s in partnership between the three countries (Tripartite mine hunters - CMT).

In addition, the French-British MMCM (Maritime Mine Counter Measures) industrial program is continuing.

In 2020, the French and British navies will each receive an identical prototype of a system for combating the threat from underwater mines, and based on surface and underwater drones.


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