Procurement Decisions on Squadron 2020 Will Be Postponed
(Source: Finnish Ministry of Defence; issued March 18, 2019)
The Ministry of Defence has requested the Chancellor of Justice to submit his position on the procurement decision regarding the Defence Forces’ Squadron 2020 project and the powers of the caretaker government.

According to the statement of the Chancellor of Justice, a procurement decision on the Squadron 2020 project cannot be made at the government plenary session or in the Ministry of Defence while the caretaker government is in power.

The Chancellor of Justice has stated that the caretaker government is considered capable of handling necessary routine matters and urgent matters that cannot be left for the new government. The caretaker government is also required to refrain from making new or extensive political motions that would affect the ability of the new government to perform its tasks.

During its preparatory phase, the plan to procure the Squadron 2020 vessels has been seen to be of far-reaching significance. It is thought that the procurement also involves important economic and industrial policy considerations. This is why the procurement decision cannot be made, while the caretaker government is in power, at the government plenary session or in the Ministry of Defence.

The Defence Forces continue to prepare Squadron 2020 procurement contracts to ensure that procurement decisions can be made after the appointment of the new government.


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