Observation Voyage
(Source: Accident Investigation Board Norway; issued April 01, 2019)
The investigation of the accident with the tanker Sola TS and the frigate HNoMS Helge Ingstad, has been ongoing since 8 November 2018. Considerable amounts of information have been collected, both through conversations with those involved, inspections of HNoMS Helge Ingstad and in form of technical and electronic data.

To obtain an even better understanding of the course of the events, both the police and the Accident Investigation Board want to carry out a voyage in the accident area with one of HNoMS Helge Ingstads sister ships, at the same time as Sola TS leaves the Sture terminal.

The aim is to carry out the voyage under conditions that are as similar as possible to those at the time of the accident.

The shipping company that owns Sola TS, Equinor, the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Navy will assist the AIBN and the police with carrying out such a voyage.

The Sola TS is planned with loading at the Sture terminal Monday 1 April, and unless something unforeseen occurs, the voyage will be carried out the night of April 2.


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