New Russian Aircraft Successfully Completes Its First Test Flight
(Source: TASS; published March 30, 2019)
The Ilyushin IL-112V, the first all-new light military transport aircraft built in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union, made its first flight on March 30. It has a payload of 5 tonnes and uses only Russian-made components. (UAC photo)
MOSCOW --- The first flight of the Ilyushin Il-112V aircraft was successful, the press service of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex informed TASS.

"An Il-112V light military transport aircraft performed its maiden flight successfully," the press service said.

The flight was being performed on the eve of the 125th birth anniversary of Soviet aircraft designer Sergei Ilyushin.

This is the first military transport plane designed in Russia from scratch during the post-Soviet era. Work to create it has been in progress since 2014.

According to its specifications, the new plane will be capable of carrying of up to 5 tonnes of cargo. It is designed to transport troops, military equipment and weapons.

The aircraft’s maiden flight was postponed several times.


Russia's First Post-Soviet Era Military Transport Aircraft Completes Maiden Flight
(Source: Xinhua; posted March 31, 2019)
MOSCOW --- Russia's light military transport plane Ilyushin Il-112V successfully completed its maiden flight on Saturday, the aircraft's designer Ilyushin Aviation Complex said.

The plane took off from a runway at a test range in Voronezh, western Russia. During the 45-minute test flight, all systems of the plane were tested, and it conducted jogs on the airfield as well as partial detachment from the ground, according to a company statement.

Based on the performance, the aircraft was ready for more tests, the statement said.

The Il-112V plane is the first military transport aircraft that was designed by Russia from the scratch during the post-Soviet era, said General Director of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Alexey Rogozin.

It was manufactured using advanced digital technology and equipped with cutting-edge on-board systems, which are entirely domestically-produced, the company said.

The new plane is designed for transporting weapons, military equipment, cargo and personnel with a maximum capacity of 5 tons, according to the statement.


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