German Extends Saudi Arms Embargo, Will Rescue Larsen Shipyard
(Source:; posted April 01, 2019)
The German Metal Workers' Union (IG Metall) holds the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel responsible for workers in the arms industry.

In an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa press agency, Jürgen Kerner, a member of the union's board, said political decisions could not be made at the expense of workers, SD Arabia reported March 30.

Kerner did not comment on the government's decision, which, after a bitter dispute, extended a ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia for another six months. There is a special regulation for the patrol boats produced in the city of Volgast by the Larsen shipyard, where about 300 jobs are threatened because of the extension of the embargo on Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has ordered a total of 35 Larsen patrol boats, which cost about 20 million euros each.

German government spokesman Steffen Zeibert unveiled the government's intention to find a solution to reduce the losses of the arsenal by allowing the construction of boats without being delivered, or by allowing the construction of these boats for local use. Saudi Arabia has received only 15 boats of these boats.

"At the same time, the union is waiting for the government to go to partner countries, especially within the EU, to find solutions for current and future joint ventures," Kerner said.

"The German government is not in agreement on how to react to global and regional foreign and security developments," Kerner said. Kerner said the EU was far from pursuing a common foreign and security policy, adding that "the government was too late to begin addressing this political conflict."


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