International Event Addresses F-39 Gripen Aircraft Combat Systems
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued April 01, 2019)
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The II International Seminar on Combat Systems was held this Monday (01/04), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The event, promoted by Revista Força Aérea magazine in partnership with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), dealt with the new combat aircraft, the F-39 Gripen, and was attended by the Air Force Commander, Lieutenant-Brigadier Antonio Carlos Moretti Bermudez; the Commander of the Swedish Air Force, Major-General Mats Helgesson, as well as general officers and officers of the Brazilian Armed Forces.

Four speakers addressed issues related to the new jet. Major Aviador Nadav Even of the Israeli Air Force approached the use of the datalink in combat. "When we think of fighters, we have three objectives: to improve the efficiency of the operation, to maintain survival and to increase lethal capacity. Data collection is the first step towards achieving these goals. Still, after collecting the information, you have to process, merge and distribute them in an automatic interface," he said.

According to Even, the information is currently designed for the pilot and he has to decide what is important. "The proposal is that the datalink allows data connectivity, as it happens in social networks, where it is possible to share knowledge automatically. We are talking about sharing data such as fuel level, amount of flyer, threats, and navigation mode, for example," he added.

Lt. Col. Jacobus Boschoff addressed the electronic countermeasures of the new FAB aircraft. The speaker addressed tactical mission systems focused on situational awareness. "We need to have an enhanced capacity because we have a congested airspace. It's a lot of information; we need to help the pilot in decision-making and optimize effective combat," he said.

The Commander of the Swedish Air Force Flight School, Lieutenant-Colonel Aviator Jonas Rohlén, addressed the training of fighter pilots, which is mandatory for all Swedish military officers. The speaker presented the criteria for selection and training of the pilots, and highlighted the preparation of both the students and the instructors. "We want instructors to know each individual and to know how far they can go. We increase the difficulty of the tasks, aiming to achieve them successfully and self-confidence, without promoting unnecessary stress. need it," he said.

The seminar also featured a lecture by Major Aviator Jonas Jakobsson, an in-flight test pilot of Gripen, who explained about aircraft displays, configurations and capabilities.

The Third Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Major Air Brigadier Jefson Borges, followed the event and made a positive assessment. "Very interesting how the topics dealt with were: data fusion, information transfer between aircraft, element analysis, pilot training, Gripen electronic warfare and, finally, data presentation. All this is very important for society to understand the capabilities that the new FAB acquisition will bring to the country," he concluded.


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