LAAD 2019: Avibras Showcases Industrial and Technological Partnership with Brazilian Armed Forces
(Source: Avibras; issued March 29, 2019)
AVIBRAS Aerospace Industry will be attending another edition of LAAD Defense & Security that will take place at Riocentro, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from April 2nd to April 5th. The fair is considered the most important event for defense and security in Latin America. The company stand and booth will be R-10, located in Hall 4.

Avibras is going to present its strength and technological and industrial capacity through its solid partnership with the Brazilian Armed Forces through its strategic programs:

-- ASTROS 2020
The Artillery Saturation Rocket System for (ASTROS) is adopted in Brazil by the Army and Navy and also by the Armed Forces of many other countries since 1980.AVIBRAS, in the context of the Strategic Program ASTROS 2020 of the Brazilian Army, is developing the Tactical Cruise Missile (AV-TCM), with technology 100% national since its conception, engineering project, prototypes and manufacturing.
The ASTROS 2020 Program of the Brazilian Army has as a main goal to increase the capacity of the National Ground Force with a technologically superior system of high performance and operational reliability. The company is also industrializing new battalions in the new ASTROS MK6 standard, comprised of launchers, command and control, meteorological, ground support and ammunition supply vehicles.

Regarding the MANSUP (Anti-Ship Surface Missile), AVIBRAS is responsible for the Engine Propulsion System and other components, and the Final Assembly of the missile’s prototypes. The MANSUP will equip the future ships of the Brazilian Navy fleet.

AVIBRAS is also part of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) binational program between Brazil and South Africa for the development of the 5th Generation Air Combat Missile, A-Darter, which equips the new Brazilian Gripen Fighter Aircraft.

The company will also present at the fair the SKYFIRE System (70 mm Air-Ground Rocket System and Surface-to-Surface), that is part of the large portfolio of higher-value products developed by the company.

--Brazilian Space Program
With expertise and pioneering work in the aerospace area for the development of national technological solutions, AVIBRAS will also showcase its participation in the Brazilian Space Program with Basic and Intermediate Training Rockets.

Currently, AVIBRAS takes part of the development and manufacturing of the S50 rockets engines of VLM-1 (Microsatellite Launcher Vehicle) in the scope of the National Program of Space Activities of AEB (Brazilian Space Agency).

The company has indigenous expertise in the integration of launcher vehicles for the Brazilian Space Program.

Results-oriented Innovation

AVIBRAS is close to completing 60 years of existence with a trajectory full of accomplishments but also of overcoming challenges.

Besides implementing new methods and work processes, the company is focused on sales effort and development of new businesses. Since 2016 the company has been implementing a results-oriented innovation process, creating a basis for business growth.

Regarding AVIBRAS participation in the Brazilian Space Program, the company is investing in the construction of a new factory for the production of Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), a basic raw material in the production of solid propellant.This qualification is of importance for the rockets of the new Brazilian Space Program.

This is a strategic investment decision of the company for Brazil and for AVIBRAS as it is the key to recover the national sovereignty in the production of solid propellant, essential for aerospace activities.

With the beginning of the operations scheduled for the first trimester of 2020, the factory will be capable of producing up to 2,200 tons of HTPB a year. Besides the applications in the Defense and Aerospace areas, HTPB has many other purposes in the civilian market such as insulation, sealing adhesive, waterproofing material, encapsulation, coating, film, etc.

Avibras has also innovated with the creation of EATI (AVIBRAS Technology and Innovation Space), inaugurated in December of 2018 at São José dos Campos Innovation and Technology Park. EATI was created to act as AVIBRAS embassy for research, development and innovation of products and solutions related to Defense, Space and Public Security in partnership with universities, research centers and other companies with similar technological bases.

The goal is to ensure the evolution of the company developing strategic technologies to new products and businesses, with its own know how, proper tools and processes that assure its perpetuity.

AVIBRAS Indústria Aeroespacial is a privately-owned Brazilian company recognized worldwide for the excellence and quality of its products, systems and services. Its essence resides in the company's innovation and independence in critical technologies in the areas of: aeronautics, space, electronics, vehicles and defense.

With ample, modern facilities located in the Vale do Paraíba, in the state of São Paulo, the main aerospace technology hub in Brazil, AVIBRAS creates competitive differentials of quality and innovation, that are essential to maintain itself as a big player in the Defense world market.

In the course of 56 years, AVIBRAS has consolidated its position as a driver of technological and innovation development by doing business in a way that generates value for customers, shareholders and the society in a sustainable manner. AVIBRAS is among the 100 biggest export-generating companies in Brazil and is proud of being part of the Brazilian Strategic Defense Industrial Base.


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