Greater Combat Power for the Future Defense
(Source: Danish Ministry of Defence; issued March 27, 2019)
Mowag has delivered to the Danish Army its first Piranha 5 eight-wheeled infantry combat vehicles, which will finally replace the service’s 60 year-old M-113 armored personnel carriers, as well as Eagle 5 light armored vehicles. (DK Defence photo)
On Wednesday the 27th of March is the final end. After 55 years in the Danish Defense and Four Updates, the classic M113 armored personnel carrier was finally phased out for the benefit of the new Piranha 5 vehicles. Together with the also new Eagle 5 armored patrol vehicles, they will constitute the rootstock of the construction of the new Danish armored brigade.

Defense Minister Claus Hjort Fredriksen emphasizes the future in the purchase of the new vehicles in his opinion.

“Our soldiers need modern equipment that meets the demands of the future battlefield –like Piranha 5 and Eagle 5. With these vehicles, I am confident that we can also stand up when we need it in the future.”

According to Chief of Defense, General Bjørn Bisserup, the transfer of the new vehicles marks a milestone towards the army of the future.

“Piranha 5 provides increased security for the individual soldier and is designed to solve tasks in the future of defense. The new vehicles, together with modernized and up-to-date tanks, new patrol vehicles and new artillery and air defense, ensure that the Army is strong in resolving the tasks of the future.”

A total of 309 Piranha 5 have been purchased, all of which must be delivered in early 2023. Piranha 5 comes in six different variants, including an infantry edition (pictured) equipped with heavy machine gun in a stabilized weapon system.

The Eagle 5 patrol vehicles, also supplied by Swiss MOWAG, are an upgraded and updated version of version 4, which, like its predecessor, is a flexible and robust patrol vehicle, but better armored. A total of 36 Eagle 5 vehicles have already been delivered, but over the long term all Eagle 4 must be replaced by the Eagle 5 vehicles.

With the introduction of Eagle 5 in active service in both emergency preparedness and international tasks, part of the existing Eagle 4 will be transferred to training missions.

Piranha 5

According to Major and Chef Expert Group Armor in Oksbøl, Ole Tang, Piranha 5 with its innovative and markedly improved protection, is a versatile and effective tool that will strengthen the Army's fighting power for many years to come. Ole Tang continues:

- In addition, solutions have been included in support of Afsiddet Battle Management Systems (ABMS) in both Eagle and Piranha, so once we are at a given focus area, our people will be optimally prepared to solve the task.


-- Weight: about 30 tons depending on configuration
-- Length: 8.33 meters
-- Height: 2.96 meters
-- 8x8 drive with a 600 HP / 2200 Nm Scania engine
-- Crew: 3 + 9 passengers in the infantry edition
-- Six variants: Infantry, Command, Sanitary, Mortar, Mechanic and Engineering.

-- Weight: about seven tons (depending on configuration)
-- Length: 5.37 meters
-- Height. 2.0 meters
-- Width: 2, 16 meters
-- 4x4 drive with a 250 hp Cummins engine
-- Crew: 1 + 4 passengers
-- Five variants: Patrol, Clearing / Closing, Clearing / Open, Logistics and Electronic Warfare.


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