Naval Surface Shipbuilding to Become Key Defense Technology
(Source:; posted April 04, 2019)
PARIS --- Surface shipbuilding should be recognized as a key defense technology, the Maritime Coordinator of the Federal Government, Norbert Brackmann, told German radio Deutschlandfunk on Thursday.

This is equivalent to a fundamental policy decision, and the corresponding Cabinet decision should therefore follow in the fall.

Germany’s northern states have long been calling for the government to declare surface shipbuilding as a key national defense technology, just like it has already done for submarine construction. Among other things, this will allow the German Navy to award warship orders without having to tender throughout Europe, and instead buy directly from German shipyards.

Schleswig-Holstein's Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) welcomed the decision. He also told Deutschlandfunk that they had been fighting to obtain this status for a long time, and that it was indeed part of the coalition agreement. After all, in Schleswig-Holstein, there is a high level of expertise in surface marine shipbuilding. “Our yards are also in competition with state-owned companies, and the fact that we've finally got this priority right is also good news for the entire region.”


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