Wreckage Confirmed to Be from Crashed Japanese F-35 Fighter (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published April 10, 2019)
By Tim Kelly
This aircraft, s/n 79 – 8705, is the one that crashed off Japan’s north-western coast Tuesday night, only the second F-35 to crash since first flight in 2006. The pilot is still missing, and Japan’s remaining 12 F-35s have been grounded. (JASDF photo)
TOKYO --- Search and rescue teams found wreckage belonging to a Japanese Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter that disappeared on Tuesday over the Pacific Ocean close to northern Japan, a military spokesman said on Wednesday.

“We recovered the wreckage and determined it was from the F-35,” a spokesman for the Air Self Defense Force (ASDF) said, adding that the pilot of the aircraft was still missing.

The advanced, single-seat jet was flying about 135 km (84 miles) east of the Misawa air base in Aomori Prefecture at about 7:27 p.m. (1027 GMT) on Tuesday, when it disappeared from radar, the Air Self Defense Force said.

The aircraft was less than a year old and was delivered to the ASDF in May last year, the spokesman said. (end of excerpt)

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Additional information has been reported by various news outlets about the missing aircraft. Here is our compilation of the salient points:

-- the missing F-35 was one of four that took off from Misawa Air Base in northern Honshu island for a training mission. It disappeared from radars about 30 minutes after taking off, just after it messaged “aborting practice" to its the formation leader.

-- Japan's defense minister said the 12 remaining Lockheed F-35 jets have been grounded.

-- The crashed aircraft (s/n 79 – 8705) was the fifth F-35 delivered to the ASDF, but the first assembled by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan.

-- The previous four aircraft had been used for training in the United States before being brought to Japan.

-- The aircraft had been in the air for 28 minutes when contact was lost, the official said. The pilot had 3,200 hours of flight time, with 60 hours on the F-35.)


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