New Supersonic Fighter Contributes to Brazilian Technological Development
(Source: Brazilian Ministry of Defense, issued April 10, 2019)
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BRASÍLIA --- The Gripen F-39 is the new fighter of the Brazilian Air Force that is being developed to protect Brazilian airspace. The choice for Gripen began in December 2013 when the federal government opted for the acquisition of Swedish fighter and the following year an agreement was reached with the Swedish company Saab for the development and production of 36 Gripen fighters.

The future multi-mission aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is supersonic. It will be employed in activities such as airspace policing, attack and reconnaissance. The Gripen aircraft has, on a single platform, functions performed today by three different models of FAB aircraft.

Gripen was acquired with the commitment of transferring Swedish technology and personnel training to the Brazilian aerospace industries. The knowledge transmitted is enabling the members of the industries of this segment, such as Embraer.

"Saab hires genuine Brazilian companies, selected by the Air Force and approved by the Brazilian government, so that the technology can be passed on by Saab factory engineers," says Gripen Project Manager, Colonel Paulo Roberto de Carvalho Junior.

In the city of Linkoping, Sweden, where the Gripen factory is located, Major Ramon Fórneas accompanies the development of the new fighter. As Head of the Saab Monitoring and Control Group of Saab, Major Fórneas reports the expectations for the beginning of the operation of the aircraft in Brazil.

"They are the best possible, not only by the new generation that will fly the fighter in the future, such as the Cadets in the Air Force Academy, the Air Cadet Preparatory School students, the Trainee Training Squadrons in Natal, "said Major Fórneas.

To date, 165 Brazilians have been trained in Sweden, most of them currently working at the Gripen Project and Development Center, located in Gavião Peixoto (SP). The site is the technological developer center for Saab companies, Embraer, in addition to other Brazilian partners.

According to Colonel Aviador Paulo, currently 350 Brazilian engineers are working together with Saab to develop Gripen in Gavião Peixoto.

According to the project schedule, the Gripen fighter developed for Brazil will take off for the first time this year at the Saab facility in Sweden. The Aeronautics must put the new hunting in operation from 2021, in the military units located in the city of Anápolis.


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