Rolls-Royce Ships 10,000th Blisk from Oberursel
(Source: Rolls-Royce; issued April 11, 2019)
Rolls-Royce has shipped the 10,000th blisk from its Oberursel factory, reaching another milestone in the factory’s long and successful history. Blisks (blade integrated disks) are highly complex components comprising both rotor disk and blades in one integral part. The factory’s expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing technology make Oberursel the Centre of Excellence for the production of these high-tech components for the whole Rolls-Royce group.

Blisks are a key technology in today’s highly fuel-efficient engines. The first three stages of the high-pressure compressor of the Trent XWB, the world’s most efficient large aero engine flying today, use them. The use of these aerodynamically advanced components reduces the weight of the high-pressure compressor by around 15%, which makes a significant contribution to the reduction of the Airbus A350 XWB’s fuel consumption and thus its CO2 emissions as well by around 25% compared to the previous generation.

Dr Holger Cartsburg, Executive Director of Rolls-Royce Deutschland and Director of Operations in Oberursel, said: “We are proud to produce these highly complex components for the whole Rolls-Royce Group. We demonstrated a real pioneering spirit to establish blisk production in Oberursel, and our strengths in the manufacture of these highly complex rotating key components are now clear. No other company in the world can manufacture blisks of this outstanding quality as cost-effectively and quickly.

Blisk production in Oberursel started in 1997, and it has grown continually ever since. Today the factory manufactures blisks for the TP400, BR725, Trent XWB, Trent 1000 TEN, Trent 7000 and Pearl 15 engine types.


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