The Ministry of the Armed Forces Receives 13 MURIN Radars
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued April 12, 2019)
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As part of the renewal of the operational capabilities of the armed forces provided for by the Military Programming Law 2019-2025, 13 light tactical surveillance radars MURIN (Surveillance System Using an INtervalles Observation Radar), received by the General Directorate of the armaments (DGA), were delivered to the French Army in the first quarter of 2019.

These new generation radars are intended to renew the Army’s all-weather intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, by day and night.

State investments in the defense industry are essential to the protection and safety of our fellow citizens. They are also an asset for the French economy as a whole, each program launched with an industrial being a source of economic activity and jobs. Florence Parly, Minister of the Armies, recalls "we are walking on two legs: that of the defense of our country and that of the defense of our economy".

The MURIN (called Ground Observer 12 - GO12 - by Thales) is a portable radar system for the detection, identification and tracking of land, sea or air vehicles, and infantrymen. It will also be used to control artillery fire and will help protect rights-of-way.

With a range of 300 m to 25 km, it can monitor 360 degrees. It will interact with the Atlas information and command system of the artillery. MURIN radars will be operated by the acquisition and surveillance batteries of the artillery regiments. It is planned that they be integrated on the Serval vehicle of the Scorpion program.

The contract for the MURIN program, covering 30 radars, was awarded by DGA to Thales on December 30, 2015. The first four radars of this contract were the subject of a technical and operational evaluation conducted jointly by teams of DGA, the Technical Section of the Army (STAT) and the Integrated Structure of the operational maintenance of ground equipment (SIMMT).

The last thirteen radars will be delivered during the course of 2019.


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