Dutch Military Secret Service Says Russia, China Espionage ‘Very Worrying’
(Source: Dutchnews.nl; issued April 30, 2019)
The Dutch military security service discovered several attempts by both China and Russia to steal military secrets last year, the MIVD said in its annual report on Tuesday.

‘The threat facing the armed forces is the is the theft of military technology and technological expertise, which can be used for both military and civil ends,’ the report said.

Cyber espionage activities undertaken by both Russia and China are ‘very worrying’, the report said. Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and Syria have also been looking for knowledge and equipment in the Netherlands and other western countries which they can use for their own weapons programmes, the ministry said.

‘Our role of ensuring safety is expanding due to growing threats,’ MIVD director Onno Eichelsheim. ‘We have screened dozens of defence companies and helped them to secure strategic information. In doing this, we are preventing military secrets leaking out.’


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