Aeralis Develops New Leasing Model for Its Fighter Jet Pilot Training Aircraft
(Source: Aeralis; issued May 02, 2019)
Aeralis, the British company currently developing a new generation of fighter jet pilot training aircraft and flying training system, is looking to offer a new leasing model that promises to significantly reduce costs for their potential customers.

Adopting a unique modular concept built around a robust common core fuselage, the Aeralis suite of jet trainers will have 85% commonality of parts allowing for significant cost savings over purchasing more traditional aircraft.

With the leasing arrangements that Aeralis is developing, the customer will not be burdened by huge capital purchasing costs but will have the ability to flex their flying training system as their requirements change over time.

The Aeralis trainer aircraft will offer a significant return on investment (ROI) due to a fuselage that can be easily re-roled and which is built to outlast traditional airframe structures. When combined with the flexibility that the Aeralis training concept will provide, the cost reductions in training the fighter pilots of tomorrow become even greater.

Tim Davies, Aeralis Strategy Director, commented: "Buying trainer aircraft outright is a major investment for any air force and much of that investment is wasted when the planes are standing idle because the training needs have changed. With our innovative leasing plans, Aeralis is changing all that. The Aeralis/Lessor/Lessee relationship means that the end user will be able to adapt their trainer fleet to meet both current and future training requirements."

Aeralis also aims to deliver shorter overall pilot training times by exposing students earlier to more complex mission management training due to configurable cockpits and a fully tailorable flying training system.

-- Aeralis is a recently formed British company developing a new class of military and aerobatic jet trainer aircraft which will be leased as part of a complete pilot training system.
-- Adopting a unique modular concept built around a common, long-life fuselage, the Aeralis suite of jet trainers will be fully customisable in terms of engines, outer wings and avionics, enabling end-users to configure their fleet of training aircraft to match the precise needs of their trainee pilots at any point in time - from Basic through to Lead-In fighter training.
-- The Aeralis pilot training system will be delivered by instructors who have a full understanding of the technical, physiological and psychological stresses that pilots will be required to manage as sixth-generation fighter aircraft develop.
-- Aeralis has already built its own highly experienced team and is currently working with a number of leading aerospace & defence industry partners to refine and deliver its inclusive offer which is set to significantly reduce the present cost of training fighter jet pilots.


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