Towards the Start of Production of the IFV Boxer in Algeria
(Source: MENA Defense; posted May 05, 2019)
Boxer IFVs have been spotted several times during trials in Algeria, and the MENA blog now reports that its license production is to begin shortly in Ain Smara, near Constantine. (MENA screen grab)
On May 2, a Boxer IFV officially participated in maneuvers and extensive tests at the M'Doukel test range in Batna wilaya, in the east of the country. The Boxer IFV is about to be industrialized in Algeria if we believe our sources.

The start of assembly would be planned for 2020 on the same site where are assembled the Fuchs 2 armored vehicles in Ain Smara, near Constantine.

The manufacturing methods will be the same as those for the Fuchs, i.e. import of the special steel plates and related equipment and accessories, with the cutting and total construction of the vehicle on site.

As a reminder, the Boxer was seen during a parade organized in honor of the Chief of Staff, Ahmed Gaid Salah, at the end of January 2018 at the Central Blida Logistics Base (BCL).

The Boxer IFV is an 8 × 8 armored platform that supports many variants with many armament combinations, and is deemed to be the best in its class.

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