Dirgantara Indonesia to Produce Composite Parts for Airbus, Boeing (excerpt)
(Source: Jakarta Post; published May 14, 2019)
By Harry Suhartono and Fathiya Dahrul
JAKARTA --- Dirgantara Indonesia, a supplier of aluminum wing components for Airbus SE’s A320 and A380 model jets, is developing the production capability to supply non-metal aircraft parts as well.

The company is “exploring opportunities” to produce so-called composite parts -- typically made from fiberglass or carbon fiber -- for both Airbus and Boeing within the next two years, President Director Elfien Goentoro said in an interview in Jakarta Monday. The state-owned company, which is also an aircraft manufacturer, intends to triple its plane production to 56-a-year by 2024, he said.

The expanded production plans would support the Indonesian government’s efforts to reduce the nation’s dependence on commodities and narrow the current account deficit. Dirgantara, based in West Java, expects its latest 19-seat propeller plane, the N219, to obtain certification from Indonesian regulators this year, Goentoro said.

“We want to expand our composite-parts production facilities so hopefully by 2021, we can start taking orders for these aircraft parts,” Goentoro said. “We also plan to invest $119 million to build a facility dedicated to producing the N219.” (end of excerpt)

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