Troops Relieved of NH-90 Maintenance
(Source: German Ministry of Defence; issued May 16, 2019)
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By out-sourcing the heavy maintenance of its NH90 battlefield utility helicopters to industry, Germany’s Bundeswehr hopes to implement standardized inspection packages, and ensure that more helicopters are available for daily flight operations. (GE MoD photo)
The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag has approved funding of 25 million euros for the Federal Ministry of Defense. For about 290 million euros, the heavy scheduled maintenance of the NH-90 helicopters for the next ten years will be carried out by Airbus Helicopters Germany GmbH.

The planned servicing provision at the Dresden site will contribute to relieving the existing and heavily-used maintenance capabilities of Airbus Helicopters. The capabilities at the Donauwörth site will now be used by the NH-90 project for further retrofitting and conversions, as well as for other programs, in particular the Tiger combat helicopter.

With the intended conclusion of the contract, a first step towards the implementation of a "Performance Bases Logistics" approach will be achieved.

Maintenance for NH-90 is secured

Over a period of ten years, the German Armed Forces will use the standard maintenance services for the NH-90 weapons system to secure all major inspection measures by means of a service contract with Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH.

The maintenance services are to be provided as standardized inspection packages. These include the maintenance and inspection measures to be performed in accordance with the technical documentation at specified intervals, and are provided with a contractually-agreed throughput time.

After 600 flight hours or six years, the helicopters are largely disassembled. Corresponding on-demand repairs such as maintenance on condition, unforeseen complaints and troubleshooting are also covered by the contract.

Troops are relieved and planning is increased

Thus, the standardized maintenance performance contract covers such maintenance measures, in which the NH-90 are largely disassembled. The duration of the corresponding maintenance measures will be shortened in the foreseeable future and can be planned better for the Bundeswehr.

At the same time, its own staff is relieved of these duties.

Army aviators can use the relief and significantly increased predictability to focus more on their commitment and the increase in operational capability. Beyond the NH-90, a replacement of the CH-53 transport helicopters is planned for the next decade.


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