Kirkland Consultant Questioned for Six Hours In Criminal Probe of Boeing 737 MAX Crashes (excerpt)
(Source: Seattle Times; published May 20, 2019)
By Steve Miletich
While Boeing’s push to lift the grounding of the 737 MAX is making headlines, federal prosecutors have been quietly gathering information to determine if criminal conduct contributed to two deadly crashes of the troubled jetliner.

The prosecutors have been tight-lipped about the investigation, which only came to light when they began issuing subpoenas. They have refused to even acknowledge the existence of the investigation, largely because of strict rules that prohibit them from discussing secret grand-jury proceedings.

But a window into their work emerged from a recent meeting in Washington, D.C., between prosecutors and a Kirkland-based consultant who has raised questions about Boeing’s development of the plane.

While the consultant, Peter Lemme, was originally subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury, he instead underwent six hours of close questioning by two prosecutors in the U.S. Justice Department’s Fraud Section, at least one federal agent and several other people. (end of excerpt)

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