Japan Deploys Heli Carrier JS Izumo to Safeguard Indian, Pacific Oceans (excerpt)
(Source: New Straits Times; published May 26, 2019)
By Adrian David
PULAU INDAH, Malaysia --- Crime, piracy and natural disasters remain a major concern for maritime peace and stability in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Japan says it is committed to asserting its role by deploying its helicopter carrier-destroyer JS Izumo, one of the two largest vessels in its naval fleet, along with JS Kaga.

Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) Escort Flotilla 1 commander Rear-Admiral Hiroshi Egawa said such threats were increasing in the region.

“Navies in this region are doing their utmost to ensure continued peace and stability, as maritime safety and security face big challenges in the busy sea lanes. To test our readiness, tactical capabilities and coordination, we regularly conduct joint exercises with the regional navies and maritime agencies.”

Egawa said the JMSDF had just concluded an integrated exercise with France, the United States and Australia in the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions.

Earlier, the JMSDF took part in the “Asean-Defence Minister’s Meeting (ADMM)-Plus maritime security field exercise 2019”, followed by the “International Maritime Defence Exhibition (Imdex) 2019” coordinated by Singapore.

“We are aware of the ongoing threats and such multilateral exercises help us check our inter-operability, strength and weaknesses. (end of excerpt)

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