(Source: Ukroboronport, issued May 27, 2019)
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The missile system LCD-360MTS "Neptun" was tested at one of the military training grounds in Odessa region. During firing trials, an entire series of innovations in the design of the R-360 cruise missile was tested.

Designers of the DKBB Luk, which is part of the Concern, made important changes aimed at significantly improving the efficiency of the cruise missile.

First of all, the P-360 received a new self-homing head, which allows it to hit the target in conditions of complex maneuvering. The cruise missile also received a new booster engine, which provides more active take-off, as well as larger wings and control surfaces, intended to improve the handling and maneuverability of the R-360.

In addition, parts of the electronic and digital systems that were supposed to work in difficult conditions were replaced. Among other innovations is a new radio altimeter, which helped to reduce the altitude of the R-360.

This parameter is one of the most important, because the lower the flight altitude, the more difficult it is for the enemy to see and intercept cruise missile. Now, the R-360 can fly just a few meters above the water, which significantly reduces the time for its detection, identification and interception.

At the same time, the components of the navigation system were replaced, which can now perform even in conditions of powerful jamming and other electronic countermeasures used by the enemy.

In general, taking into account all the improvements, including its ability to maneuver en route to the target, it becomes possible for the R-360 cruise missile to bypass enemy air defenses and destroy its target with an unexpected strike.

The development of "Neptune" as quickly as possible wad made possible by the high professionalism of specialists of many enterprises belonging to "Ukroboronproma,” especially those of the high-precision weapons and ammunition cluster, in particular, "LUC", DAKK "ARTEM" and "Zhulian Machine-Building Plant" VIZAR."

It should be noted that the firing tests of the Neptune missile system, which includes a universal self-propelled launching unit, a transport vehicle for reload missiles, a transport and loading machine and a command module, were conducted as part of the tests of the upgraded Alder reactive system.


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