Transient F-35s Land at BTV
(Source: Vermont Air National Guard; issued May 29, 2019)
SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. --– Four transient F-35s from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, have landed at the Burlington International Airport and taxied to the Vermont Air National Guard on May 29 at approximately 7:45 a.m.

These aircraft diverted due to weather and refueling schedules.

These aircraft are transiting overseas and have been secured by the Vermont Air National maintenance and security teams.

They are not attached to the Vermont Air National Guard or 158th Fighter Wing. Their departure is being coordinated for a later time.

The aircraft will not be available for public viewing for security reasons.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Local media reported that the aircraft “were diverted because of fuel. They hook up with air fuelers in the air and were not able to make their connection so they stopped here in Burlington for that purpose,” said Burlington Airport Director Gene Richards.
Ironically, Burlington in one of the US communities that oppose having F-35s stationed at its airport, fearing that their excessive noise will bother residents and drive down housing values.)


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