Lockheed Martin Facing Legal Action Over Underpayment Claims (excerpt)
(Source: Australian Financial Review; published Jun 02, 2019)
By David Marin-Guzman
Lockheed Martin has been accused of underpaying dozens of past employees over more than a decade, with the total wages bill predicted to climb to more than $1 million.

Fifty former IT technicians, designers and maintenance managers launched legal action against the global defence giant this week on the basis they were allegedly underpaid accrued leave and redundancy entitlements when they were retrenched late last year.

The case, if upheld, may have broader ramifications for the company's 1,000-strong workforce and technicians are seeking an audit to assess the full extent of underpayment.


The company recently settled with Professionals Australia over claims it unlawfully deducted workers' annual leave on public holidays and wrongly paid technicians under the professional employees award rather than the manufacturing award.

But the new Federal Court action, lodged by IRIQ Law on behalf of non-union members, threatens to expand the claims to include underpayment of accrued sick leave, rostered days off, long service leave as well as redundancy. (end of excerpt)

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