Great International Interest in CV-90 Mortar Variant
(Source: Swedish Armed Forces; FMV; issued June 03, 2019)
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Given the strong international interest in the turreted mortar variant of the CV90 armored vehicle it is developing for the Swedish Army, Sweden’s FMV defense procurement agency has demonstrated it to representatives of eight countries. (BAE photo)
Eight countries were represented when FMV presented new Granatkastarpansarbandvagn 90 (CV90 Armored Mortar Carrier, or Grkpbv 90) for international audiences.

Equipping Combat Vehicles 90 with a robust and simple grenade launcher capability has attracted interest from other countries. That is not so surprising, as platoons with Grkpbv 90 will have increased ability to support operations by being faster at grouping, shooting and regrouping (‘shoot and scoot’).

“It is gratifying to have such a great international interest in this Swedish-developed system,” says Mikael Frisell, Head of Army Equipment at FMV.

Representatives from the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Germany, the USA and Austria attended a presentation with a test firing at FMV's test site in Karlsborg.

Mikael Frisell, who is head of Army Equipment at FMV, participated in thepresentation. He is not surprised at the great interest.

“It shows that this is a capability that is needed on the modern battlefield. Now, we hope that what this successful project has delivered will have more users,” says Mikael Frisell.


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