U36 - More Than 5,000 Nautical Miles Under Water
(Source: German Navy; issued June 04, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
The German Navy submarine U36, an U-212A class submarine displacing 1,800 tonnes submerged, returns to her homeport on Friday, after an 8,800 nautical mile cruise during which she sailed 5,000 nautical miles while submerged. (GE Navy photo)
ECKERNFÖRDE, Germany --- Submarine U36 returns to her home port of Eckernförde on Friday, June 7, at 10:00 am from a sea voyage of about five months. During her 136 days absence, the Delta crew participated in several international exercises.

The joint training sessions over the past five months have further strengthened German-Norwegian cooperation. At all levels there was a lively exchange between German and Norwegian soldiers. "The decision to support U36 for the entire period was a complete success, and our cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Navy has further intensified, adding another milestone to the acquisition of new submarines," said Fregattenkapitän (Cmdr.) Timo Cordes (43), Commander 1. Uboot Squadron.

In the British exercise "Joint Warrior," U36 sailed for three weeks without a break and also completed the naval parts of the commander's course. After the maneuver, the crew at FOST ("Flag Officer Sea Training") off Plymouth (England) supported the training of the British Navy.

Afterwards the boat went to the Bay of Biscay to train with the French Navy on submarine hunts, including helicopter missions. At the beginning of May, the Delta crew entered the base of the Royal Norwegian Navy’s main base in Haakonsvern to prepare for the upcoming torpedo firing section. This simulated several torpedo attacks and over a dozen practice torpedoes were launched.

"During our time we have been able to intensify the German - Norwegian co - operation. The Royal Norwegian Navy has received us very well into the submarine community," says the commander of U36, Korvettenkapitan (Lt. Cdr.) Michael Rudat (38). "Bergen has become a second home port for my crew and me," Rudat continued.

Eleven other nations participated in the exercises: Norway, Great Britain, France, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Poland, the USA and the Netherlands. Overall, the submarine U36 has sailed about 8,800 nautical miles (about 40% of the distance around the globe), of which about 5,000 submerged.


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