MBDA Developing New Version of Mica ‘Silent Killer’ Air-to-Air Missile (excerpt)
(Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology; posted June 05, 2019)
By Tony Osborne
France’s F4 upgrade of the Dassault Rafale may represent the first steppingstone toward readying the fighter for the information age, but it also will pave the way for a new primary weapon.

The MBDA Mica NG (New Generation) is a radically reengineered version of the legacy Mica missile, which was developed in the 1980s and ’90s for the Rafale family as its air-to-air weapon.

Mica NG is planned to enter service as in 2026 on the Rafale

Missile HUMS will enable on-condition maintenance and reduced through-life cost

The Mica was built upon France’s extensive experience in developing air-to-air weapons for its home-grown combat aircraft through iterations of the Magic family of infrared (IR)-guided missiles and the R.530 family of semiactive radar-guided missiles.

The Mica replaced both of those weapons with a family of two missiles that used the same airframe but different seekers. It also has evolved into a ground- and ship-launched air defense weapon. Overall, 5,000 missiles have been produced, of which 3,500 have been exported.

“France adopted a double-duality approach with Mica,” say senior MBDA officials working on the program. Company policy prevents them from being named. “We are using a radar and IR seeker, but the missile is capable of engaging at short range and beyond visual range in one weapon.” (end of excerpt)

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