Agreement Between Brazil and Argentina for the Transfer of IKL 209 Submarines and Purchase of KC 390 Transport Aircraft
(Source:; posted June 07, 2019)
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After the first state visit of President Jair Bolsonaro to Argentina, the governments of both countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Defense that provides, among other initiatives, the possible transfer of IKL Type 209 submarines from the Brazilian Navy (MB) to the Argentine Navy.

At the end of 2017, Argentina experienced a tragedy with the submarine Ara San Juan, which imploded in the Atlantic killing its crew of 44 officers and ratings. The accident triggered a flurry of criticism of Mauricio Macri's government over the lack of maintenance of local submarines and, in general, of all Argentine military equipment.

According to the Brazilian Defense Minister, General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, "the memorandum is a very important first step to deepening cooperation in defense matters."

The minister added that the door has also been opened for Argentina to buy military aircraft manufactured in Brazil, among them the KC 390, a transport and tanker aircraft that will be launched soon by Embraer.

"The KC 390 has several components manufactured in Argentina, so perhaps Argentina can buy our aircraft, " said the minister, after attending a seminar with companies from both countries, which ended with the signing of the agreement.

The two governments have pledged to "deepen research and development initiatives for the development and exchange of defense technologies in weapon systems for the Navy, Army and Air Force of each country ... to study combined cooperation opportunities for the surveillance and control of the South Atlantic and to deepen binational cooperation in the area of conventional submarines. "

The memorandum also calls for "working on a combined approach to common borders through shared use of information and fostering exchanges between Academic Institutions and Military Training Centers in the area of complementary strategic research to develop a binational position in cyber-defense, space global commons and peace missions. "


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