Aviation Maintenance: Signature of A Virtuous Agreement Between the Army's Light Aviation and Airbus Helicopters
(Source: Airbus Helicopters; issued June 21, 2019)
Major General Michel Grintchenko, commander of the Army Light Aircraft (ALAT), and Bruno Even, President of Airbus Helicopters, signed at the Paris Air Show an innovative agreement to promote the integration of military aeronautical mechanics and the sharing of their know-how with private industry, while guaranteeing the ALAT a solid human resource in the long term.

The ALAT and Airbus Helicopters thus promote a possibility of conversion to soldiers who have worked for many years in France, as well as in operations, while allowing the French aerospace industry to receive an expert and quality workforce.

Today, 2,300 ALAT mechanics maintain the 300 aircraft of the French Army, both in France and in external operations.


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