EMW CEIT Project Models Speed, Mission-Focus
(Source: US Naval Air Systems Command; issued June 24, 2019)
POINT MUGU, Calif. --- The Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Collaboration, Experimentation, Integration Team (EMW CEIT) recently prototyped and field-tested a hardware and software capability as a potential upgrade for the MH-60R, moving from concept to prototype in months, less than a third of the originally allocated time.

The technology is intended to allow for enhanced situational awareness and more collaborative electronic warfare missions aboard the MH-60R.

The team demonstrated their project, the Software and Hardware for Airborne Fusion Technology, Experimentation and Demonstration, or SHAFTED, during a risk reduction event in May, flying the prototype with the Spartans of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 70.

“The SHAFTED team split into two groups,” said Brian Hill, Collaborative EW Branch supervisor, “home and away. The home team stayed at Point Mugu, correcting bugs and making software updates to send back to the away team.”

The away team installed the upgrades and flight-tested the system. Before they could do that, however, members of the team had to complete underwater egress training so they could fly in the MH-60R during the exercise. The training involves learning to escape an aircraft while submerged wearing full flight gear.

“We had two new employees – Jesus Ramos and Thomas Hentges volunteer for the training,” Hill said. “It’s like volunteering to drown for your job. That’s dedication.”

That mission-focus is the rule, rather than the exception with the SHAFTED team, Hill said.

“The SHAFTED team’s hard work reflects the professional rigor of the team and establishes a new standard for electromagnetic maneuver experimentation at NAWCWD,” he said.


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