Two Eurofighters Crash
(Source: German Air Force; issued June 24, 2019)
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The two Eurofighter combat aircraft that collided and crashed hear Laage on Monday, killing one of the two pilots, belonged to the Luftwaffe’s Tactical Squadron 73 "Steinhoff," like these to aircraft. (Luftwaffe file photo)
LAAGE, Germany --- In a flight accident, two Eurofighter fighters of the Air Force’s tactical squadron 73 "Steinhoff" crashed in the Rostock / Laage area after a collision.

One pilot was able to eject from his cockpit and is alive. The other pilot was recovered but died of his injuries.

Together with a third Eurofighter, the two fighters were flying on an Air Combat mission. They Eurofighters were unarmed for this mission.

The third Eurofighter pilot reported seeing two parachutes dropping to the ground.


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