Exercise Garuda
(Source: French Air Force; issued June 28, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Four Indian Air Force Su-30MKI fighters were refueled by a French Air Force C-135F tanker aircraft over the Mediterranean during the last stage of their ferry flight to France, where they will take part in the bilateral Exercise Garuda. (FR AF photo)
PARIS --- As part of the French relationship with the indo-Pacific region, Exercise GARUDA will take place at Air Base 118 at Mont-de-Marsan from 1 to 12 July 2019. This bilateral Franco-Indian tactical air exercise aims to improve the level of interoperability of French and Indian crews in air defense and ground attack missions. It takes place alternately in France or India and is part of a global process of cooperation.

This exercise will see the participation of a very large number of aircraft of the Air Force (Rafale, Alphajet, Mirage 2000, C135, E3F, C130, Casa 235).

Today, seven Indian airplanes (four SU-30s, two C-17s and one Ilyushin IL-78) arrived from India and landed, in the late morning, at Mont-de-Marsan.

The four SU-30 MKIs come from the 24th Squadron "Hunting Hawks" at Bareilly Air Force Station (AFS), while the IL-78 belongs to the 78th squadron "Battle-Cry" at Agra AFS and the two C-17s come from the 81st squadron "Sky Lords" based at Hindan AFS.

These aircraft took off from India on June 26th. After stopping in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, they were refueled in the last stage of their transfer by a French C135 above the Mediterranean.

Two of the four SU-30s will participate in the national air meeting (MNA) which takes place this weekend at Cazaux Air Base 120 in favor of the Foundation of Oeuvres Sociales de l’Air (FOSA).

Ex. Garuda will be open to the French and foreign press on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. An invitation will be circulated in the next few days, which will detail the conditions of reception.

You can find photos and videos of the arrival of Indian aircraft via the following link: http://www.air-actualites.com/garuda/


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