Second South Korean-Made Helicopter Completes First Flight
(Source: Yonhap News; posted July 04, 2019)
Derived from the Airbus Helicopter Dauphin light twin-engined helicopter, the Korean Light Armed Helicopter is intended to become the Korean Army’s standard utility helicopter, but will have more capable sensors and weapons than its predecessors. (KAI photo)
SEOUL --- Korea Aerospace Industries Co. (KAI), the country's sole aircraft manufacturer, said Thursday it has successfully completed the first flight of a light armed helicopter (LAH).

The LAH mated with a 1,032-horsepower engine is the second Korean-made helicopter after the Surion (KUH-1) transport utility helicopter and is smaller than the Surion in terms of size, it said.

KAI began to develop the LAH in June 2015 and unveiled its prototype in December last year. It had conducted ground tests to confirm the main systems and their stability since January, the company said in a statement.

"The company is targeting to finish the development process of the LAH by November 2022 before it is deployed to the Army," a company spokesman said.


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