€275 Million to Renovate Belgian Air Bases for New F-35 Fighters
(Source: The Brussels Ties; posted July 08, 2019)
Florennes and Kleine-Brogel airbases must be renovated to accommodate the F-35 fighters.

The cost of the operation is estimated at 275 million euros, De Morgen reported on Monday. The reconstruction could start in Florennes by 2022.

The Belgian Air Force has purchased 34 F-35 planes from Lockheed Martin to replace the F-16s. However, major renovations of the airbases are required in order to accommodate the new aircraft. Two new compounds are planned for the F-35s.

This infrastructure is necessary for preparation and debriefings of missions, four training simulators, underground warehouses that can hold six aircraft, 16 covered and lockable parking spaces and an “early warning” zone with room for pilots and technicians.

The construction cost is estimated at 275 million euros, De Morgen reported, on the basis of a public tender. The long-term military budget had already included this amount. The Florennes’ renovation could begin in spring of 2022, and Kleine-Brogel a year later.


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