HMS Queen Elizabeth: Leak Forces Aircraft Carrier to Abandon Sea Trials
(Source: BBC News; posted July 10, 2019)
The UK's new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has returned from sea trials early after a leak was found.

The Royal Navy's future flagship left Portsmouth Naval Base last month for five weeks of sea trials and training.

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman described the leak as "a minor issue with an internal system" on Britain's biggest and most powerful warship.

The £3.1 billion ship returned to Portsmouth as a precautionary measure after the leak was found on Tuesday.

Water leaked into an internal compartment, where it was contained.

It was pumped out and the 900ft (280m) long warship returned to port. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full report, on the BBC News website.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Sea trials are carried out to discover flaws before ships enter operational service, so the fact that a leak was discovered on HMS Queen Elisabeth is not a major issue.
However, the fact that she interrupted her sea trials and returned to port after the leak “was contained” is most unusual, as a contained leak should pose no danger.
So returning to port suggests that the leak may not be as benign as MoD’s reaction suggests.)


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