Navy Fires Third Prototype of the Anti-Navio Surface Missile (MANSUP)
(Source: Brazilian Ministry of Defense, issued July 11, 2019)
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Brazil’s MANSUP anti-ship missile, test-fired for the third time on Wednesday, was developed by domestic industry with technology provided by foreign partners; it features pop-out control surfaces and is fired from a cylindrical container. (BR Navy photo)
BRASILIA --- The Brazilian Navy on Wednesday (July 10) launched the third prototype of the Míssil Antinavio de Superfície (MANSUP, or Surface-Launched Anti-Ship Missile), targeting the hull of the former "Tridente" Deep Sea Tugboat.

The results confirmed the evolution of the project and the accuracy of the improvements made after the first tests, which took place in November 2018 and March of 2019, from the "Barroso" corvette and the frigate "Independence."

In this third test, additional checks were made and recorded by telemetry -- also a national development -- installed in the missile and the ships taking part in the operation. The information obtained will be used as the basis for further improvement of components and subsystems.

The launch took place in the maritime area between Rio de Janeiro-RJ and Cabo Frio-RJ.

Three Navy ships were used during this trial: the Multipurpose Landing Dock "Bahia" and the frigate "Constitution," in addition to the launching vessel, the frigate "Independence."

The operation was also supported by the Ocean Patrol Vessel "Apa" and the "Purus" Ocean Support Vessel from the 1st Naval District; Squirrel (UH-12), Super Cougar (UH-15), Seahawk SH-16) and Lynx (AH-11A) helicopters of the Naval Air Force Command, and a P-3AM maritime patrol aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force, as well as a detachment of Combat Divers.


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