Croatia and Portugal Sign a Memorandum on Defence Co-Operation
(Source: Croatia Ministry of Defence; issued July 12, 2019)
On 10 July 2019 the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević met with the National Defence Minister of Portugal João Gomes Cravinho.

The defence ministers of Croatia and Portugal signed a Memorandum on Defence Co-operation.

Ministers Krstičević and Cravinho praised the first Memorandum of Co-operation setting the legal framework for future co-operation, and outlined the co-operation in several domains (homeland security, co-operation of firefighter squadrons, co-operation of navies and in military education and within the EU).

Minister Krstičević presented the Croatian homeland security system and the firefighting strategy, and Minister stated Portugal’s interest in benefitting from the Croatian know-how and experience related to the establishment homeland security system.

“Croatia has adopted a National Security Strategy and established the homeland security system to efficiently cope with disasters and security challenges, and we are ready to pass on our experiences on our Portuguese colleagues”, said Minister Krstičević.

“Portugal and Croatia have similar climates and experiences with firefighting. In 2013 Croatia assisted Portugal with fighting large fires, by the excellent firefighter pilots”, said the Minister.

The ministers agreed on the future opening of the co-operation in military education of the cadets of the Maritime Studies of the Croatian Defence Academy and of the Naval Academy of Portugal.

The ministers also discussed the forthcoming presidency of the two countries in 2020.

Minister Krstičević briefed his Portuguese counterpart on the Croatian priorities with respect to the 2010 presidency of the European Union, comprising the continued implementation of the ongoing initiatives (PESCO, the European Defence Fund and Military Mobility, defence industry and the EU ‘s future efforts oriented on southeast Europe and enhanced NATO-EU co-operation.


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