Duro Value Retention: Contractor Solves Delivery Problems Thanks to A New Engine
(Source: Swiss Dept of Defense, Civil, Protection and Sports, issued July 12, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
BERN --- The prime contractor GDELS-Mowag, who was entrusted with preserving the value of Duro I, found a solution in the uncertain situation with the engine supplier. The Duro crew transporter is equipped with a different engine. This afternoon, a state-of-the-art turbo diesel engine that meets the EURO 6 emission standard was selected. This ecological advantage was crucial for armasuisse to accept this solution.

At the end of November 2018, the contractor GDELS-Mowag had informed armasuisse that the engine supplier had applied for a legal redress procedure. The engine deliveries for the upgrade of the Duro I personnel transporter could no longer be secured. The months-long uncertainty in the ongoing legal process prompted GDELS-Mowag to consider alternative solutions. Now, GDELS-Mowag armasuisse has made the proposal to equip the Duro crew transporters with a different engine. This proposal was accepted by armasuisse.

Ecological benefits outweigh additional costs

It is the F1C engine from FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies). This modern turbo diesel engine meets the current stringent EURO 6 emission standard and has more efficient engine performance.

In the effort to improve sustainability in the DDPS, the clear benefits in terms of ecology outweigh the additional costs. Another option was to choose an engine rated with the older EURO-3 standard. This solution would have been cost-neutral for armasuisse but would not meet today's sustainability requirements.

The change to the strict EURO-6 standard and the associated installation of an exhaust aftertreatment system leads to additional costs, in which armasuisse participates with 3,500 Swiss francs per vehicle. These additional costs can be compensated under the commitment of CHF 558 million granted by Parliament under the additional 2015 Armaments Program.

Penalties and additional costs for the general contractor

The engine change leads to a delay for the entire project. The exact extent is currently being clarified. armasuisse will demand from the general contractor GDELS-Mowag the contractually agreed penalty.

In addition, GDELS-Mowag must re-establish its production planning based on this new starting position. It continues to pursue a one-fleet strategy, so all vehicles equipped with the previous engine will also be converted to the EURO-6 engine. These additional costs will be borne by GDELS-Mowag.

About the project Duro I value retention

With the additional armament program in 2015, the Federal Parliament approved the preservation of 2,220 Duro I transport vehicles. The value maintenance package includes the refurbishment of the base vehicle, a new engine including particulate filter (new EURO-6), a new vehicle electrics and lighting, the revamping of the braking system, the Integration of an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and an electronic stability program (ESP) as well as a new team structure with integrated rollover protection and 4-point safety belt system.


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