International Cooperation: Undersecretary Tofalo Visits Vietnam
(Source: Italian Ministry of Defence; issued July 11, 2019)
HANOI --- The third edition of the Italy/Vietnam Strategic Dialogue on Defence matters has taken place recently in Hanoi, where Undersecretary of State for Defence Angelo Tofalo met with two senior leaders of the Vietnamese Armed Forces. A critical mission,that allowed the implementation of the cooperation agreement signed in 2013 by the two countries, while reinforcing bilateral dialogue at different levels.

"We are going back with important results, having laid the foundations for an increasingly strong cooperation in the fields of military education and training, research and industrial development, while ensuring a broader reciprocal involvement in technology exchange", Undersecretary Tofalo said. An important moment, in fact, was the meeting of the Working Group, the operational arm of the strategic dialogue. Representatives from Italy's Secretariat General of Defence, Defence General Staff and Embassy, and the Vietnamese Foreign Affairs Department had, for the first time, the opportunity to discuss themes of common interest.

A success story, underscored by the Forum of Italian Enterprises organized by the Italian Embassy, led by Ambassador Antonio Alessandro, with the significant support of Italy's Secretariat General of Defence, represented in Vietnam by the Deputy Secretary General, Admiral Dario Giacomini: a meeting opportunity for the Italian and Vietnamese defence industries.

Undersecretary Tofalo called it :"An interesting opportunity for political discussion, aimed at strengthening cooperation relationships in favour of peace, stability and economic development if our respective regions within our broader international strategy". During bilateral talks the Vietnamese Chief of Defence Staff/ Vice Minister Phan Van Giang, gave "signs of openness to dialogue and the willingness by Vietnam to pursue relationships with Italy ".

Tofalo also met with Vice Minister Be Xuan Troung, who expressed great appreciation for the Italian Armed Forces for hosting Vietnamese military personnel in their Centers of Excellence, and the willingness to pursue cooperation in the military education and training sector. Talks also focus on respective roles within international and regional organizations.

During his stay in Vietnam Undersecretary Tofalo and the Italian delegation had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Vietnam Helicopter Corporation and the 189 Shipyard, two state enterprises.

Angelo Tofalo's visit to Vietnam concluded with the inauguration of the photography exhibition of Mauro Sestini, organized by the Italian Embassy in Hanoi.


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