Contract for the Acquisition of an Integrated Training System for the General Air Academy
(Source: Spanish Government Cabinet; issued July 12, 2019)
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The Council of Ministers has approved the conclusion of the contract for the acquisition of an integrated training system for the General Air Academy, with an estimated value of € 225,000,000.00, starting in the year 2020 and ending on December 31, 2022.

The future integrated pilot training system that is intended to be acquired consists of the following elements:
-- Twenty-four aircraft.
-- An emergency exit trainer on the ground.
-- Two cabin simulators for procedures training.
-- Two networked flight simulators.
-- A computer-assisted system.
-- An initial logistics package.

The basic education system now in service with the General Air Academy (AGA) uses the C101 aircraft (E.25) which will reach the end of its service life in the year 2021. Prior to this date, a certain number of new aircraft must be in service, together with the ground training system, to guarantee the continuity of the basic pilot training at the AGA.

The new system should allow an adequate transition to current combat systems in the short / medium term, so it should incorporate the technologies of these systems (EF2000, EF18, A400, NH90, etc.).

In particular, this integrated system must carry the appropriate ground training elements associated with aerial platforms. Currently, there is a 50% ratio between the actual flight hours on aircraft and those that are carried out on ground training aids.

It is proposed to obtain the basic training capability with an integrated system of simple architecture within the available options. This would allow a sufficient number of aircraft in 2021 to replace the current system (C101 aircraft) along with ground training capacity.


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