French President Announces the Creation of a Military Space Command
(Source: French Air Force, issued July 15, 2019)
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During his traditional speech at the Defense Minister’s office at the Hotel de Brienne on the eve of July 14, the President of the French Republic spoke about the creation of a future space command:

"It is (...) to reinforce our strategic autonomy, which must be part of a European framework. I know what has already been done, under the authority of the minister, to respond to the challenges in the land, sea and air sectors, but also in the two new confrontation zones: cyber space and exo-atmospheric space.

“The new military space doctrine, which was proposed by the minister of defence and which I approved, will ensure our defense of space and by space.

“We will strengthen our knowledge of the situational awareness in space, we will better protect our satellites, including by active measures.

“And to give substance to this doctrine, to ensure the development and reinforcement of our space capabilities, a great space command will be created next September within the Air Force, which will eventually become the Air and Space Force. The necessary new investments will be decided later."


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