Bastille Day: This Flying Board Which Interests the French Army
(Source: AeroWebTV; posted July 15, 2019)
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This image marked the parade of July 14, 2019 in Paris: a man flying over the Place de la Concorde. Rifle in his left hand, the demonstration by former French jet ski world champion Franky Zapata did not go unnoticed.

It must be said that the machine (Flyboard Air) has interested the French special forces for surveillance, assault or equipment transport missions. The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has allocated 1.3 million euros to accelerate its development.

French jet-ski world champion Franky Zapata flies, rifle in hand, several tens of meters above the ground on his "Flyboard" during the July 14 military parade in Paris. (LeHuffPost video)

Now equipped with five small turbojets instead of the original four, the prototype in development for many years can easily exceed 100 km / h. With an empty weight of 25 kg, the board still requires improvements before it can be used by the army.

It currently has a flight endurance of only nine minutes, is noisy and still difficult to fly. The remote control manages the power of the motors, a sensor on the glove allows rotation around the yaw axis and the inclination of the body allows rotation around the pitch and roll axis.


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