Turkey Makes Breakthrough in Gun Technology
(Source: Albayraklar Group; issued July 17, 2019)
A hundred percent domestic gun apparatus which eliminates recoil completely while doubling bullet speed, range and effect with its silencer features has been produced.

The system, developed by the Albayraklar Group of Companies can also be used in guns mounted on military drones. Albayraklar defense firm affiliated with the group is also the manufacturer of the world famous Wattozz weapon.

Chairman of board of directors of Albayraklar Group, Mr. Adnan Albayrak, and CEO Mr. Sertan Ayçiçek commented as follows:

“Turkish engineers have been able to eliminate recoil of guns completely by means of a small apparatus similar to the silencer in terms of external appearance as a result of the R & D works conducted confidentially for long years on operation mechanisms of guns.

“This product doubles the output speed, range and effect of standard NATO bullets and eliminates sound while preventing recoil for any kind of long or short barrel guns.

“In standard guns, the bullet core rubs into the grooves and rifling in the barrel at a certain rate, and the cartridge is stuck in the barrel at the exit moment, shoots our the barrel with high pressure and moves to the target however in this process the large part of the gunpowder in the hive is wasted.

“This real zero-recoil system that we have prepared enables bullet core getting through barrel softly and accelerating instead of popping out of the barrel.

“The new anti-recoil system maximizes combustion by ensuring air intake into the barrel, which maximizes muzzle velocity by enabling consuming of all gunpowder and the gunpowder gas is gradually evacuated out of the barrel and accordingly gun's sliders run pretty slowly without shaking.

“Our system can be applied to any type of long or short barrel weapons (rifles and pistols) and it is a system suitable for all types of ammunition. The apparatus, which is extremely small and light, does not cause any extra remarkable weight on the gun as well.”

None of the systems available in the world, such as special silencers and suppressors, recoil compensators, muzzle brakes, flash hiders etc. (despite the use of bullets under sound velocity speed described as subsonic or the use of bullets with reduced gunpowder ratios) cannot prevent recoil. In our product, Nato standard bullets are used.

In addition, while such existing systems in the world slowdown the bullet speed, our product maximizes bullet speed, range, effect, and accuracy while silencing sound at decibel levels lesser than any of the available gun silencer in the market.

There is no doubt that drones will be of great importance in future defense systems. The countries have already begun to build drone armies. Most of them are considered herds of the Ghost Drones, and these drones are not caught in the radars.

Today, works are carried out on the armaments of drones with billion dollar budgets, but at this point despite the large and heavy shock-absorbing suspension profiles established under the Drone to prevent recoil they are no capable of eliminating recoil. Therefore, it was impossible to hit the target when shooting the target consecutively.

Thanks to our new system, which is the first and single in the world that can be applied to all kinds of guns, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) mounted guns with slits on them will not need such profiles. Guns can be mounted directly even on the smallest drones.

With this feature, this product that can change the balance of power in the world has been developed with a hundred percent domestic facilities. The product's trials are concluded with the highest success and the patent application process is expected to be concluded for the presentation of the product.


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