Turkish Delight for Aussie F-35 Suppliers (excerpt)
(Source: Australian Financial Review; published July 18, 2019)
By Andrew Tillett
Australian suppliers are poised to swoop and increase their share of work for the Joint Strike Fighter after Donald Trump ejected Turkey from the program.

The aircraft's manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, has begun talks with suppliers including Australian companies to fill the void as Turkish businesses are cut out of the global supply chain.

Australia's Defence Department is monitoring the issue but was unable to say whether Turkey's exile will disrupt the production and delivery schedule for the remaining 56 aircraft the RAAF has on order.

"Defence is aware that the US-led F-35 Joint Program Office has been working to quantify the effect on the global F-35 acquisition schedule and sustainment system in the event of Turkey’s removal from the program and continues to engage closely in this work," the department said in a statement.

Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price said the government was committed to maximising participation for Australian firms.

“I understand the program will primarily use US sources for Turkey’s workshare to bridge the gap initially, however this will gradually open up to other program partners – including Australia – for opportunities to be supply sources," she said. (end of excerpt)

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