Classified Network Modernized with Over $150 Million Contract
(Source: US Air Force Materiel Command; issued July 19, 2019)
HANSCOM AFB, Mass. --- The Hanscom program executive office overseeing the Air Force Secret Internet Protocol Router Network awarded a five-year contract to unify and standardize classified computing at more than 180 Air Force locations worldwide.

The Enterprise Information Technology and Cyber Infrastructure Division of the Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks PEO selected Perspecta Enterprise Solutions, LLC, to replace legacy equipment with off-the-shelf versions to meet a single enterprise standard. C3I&N awarded the contract in May, and it is valued at more than $150 million.

“Right now, each MAJCOM [major command] and each base works on its own to administer their own SIPRNet environments,” said Elizabeth Rosa, the program manager who oversaw the selection process. “That works well enough, but managing disparate environments is difficult. As we look forward, we know that the best possible solution will be to set up a single management architecture where we can guarantee that every base is meeting specific security requirements and updating as necessary.”

By 2023, C3I&N expects Air Force locations that fall under 12 MAJCOMs to be running standard SIPRNet connections. In addition to standardizing security patches and upgrades, the government-owned, contractor-operated model will ensure proven, off-the-shelf supplies are used everywhere, which allows the Air Force to exercise more control over the life cycle management of the most sensitive core services.

“SIPRNet is one of the many no-fail systems we manage here,” said Maj. Gen. Michael Schmidt, C3I&N’s PEO. “I’m most impressed that this team found a way to continue delivering flawless service and capability today, while planning for better management in the future. The Air Force is moving toward having our network architecture provided as a service, and innovation on this contract gives us a path forward with SIPRNet.”

Perspecta began planning work at 11 Air Mobility Command bases in May. Program managers expect the contractor to complete work at the first MAJCOM by October 2020. The company will then move on to standardize every other MAJCOM, in an order to be determined, during the five-year period of performance.

Unifying and standardizing SIPRNet will enhance and increase efficiencies, saving on critical resources. Currently, individual MAJCOMs pay for and support SIPRNet separately. This C3I&N effort provides enterprise management core services, improving end user experience within the SIPRNet environment.


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