Define of Objectives of Indra 2019 Russian-Indian Military Exercises
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued July 23, 2019)
At the first planning conference, which ended in the city of Ussuriysk, representatives of the command of the Eastern Military District and the Armed Forces of the Republic of India agreed on the objectives of the forthcoming Indra 2019 Russian-Indian joint military exercise.

The sides agreed that the training of military command and control units to guide mixed force groupings in solving joint tasks would be practiced.

Officers will learn the basic techniques and methods of action to ensure the activities of mixed units.

The exercise was planned to enhance field, sea and air skills and improve the interaction between the Russian and Indian units.

About 8 tactical episodes have been planned for the land force grouping.

As previously reported, the Indra exercise will be held in December of this year at sea, land training grounds and airfields in India.

About 300 servicemen of one of the motorized rifle formations from the Primorsky Territory are planned to be drawn from the Eastern Military District.


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