Enhancing Competitiveness, Defense Minister Emphasizes Closer Cooperation between the Three Pillars of the Defense Industry
(Source: Indonesian Ministry of Defense; issued July 22, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
JAKARTA --- In an effort to advance the defense industry, Indonesia faces a very complex challenge in the form of intense competition between countries in seizing market share and ability and competitiveness.

Facing these challenges requires precise strategies and close cooperation between the three pillars of the defense industry, namely the government, users and the defense industry.

This was stated by Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu when presiding over the Plenary Meeting of the Defense Industry Policy Committee (KKIP) 2019 with the theme "Synchronizing Strategic Policy Direction for Defense Industry Development Year 2020-2024", Monday (22/7) at the Ministry of Defense, Jakarta.

"The three pillars of the defense industry must be able to formulate a strategic policy, which is synchronous and synergistic, and has a strong commitment and consistency in building and developing the defense industry," said Defense Minister.

The Minister of Defense further said, since the enactment of Law No. 16 of 2012 concerning the Defense Industry, various strategic policies have been established related to the defense industry, so that progress has been achieved, among others, in mastering the manufacturing technology of submarines, PKR ships, medium tanks, national rockets, and increased production capacity of munitions.

In addition, the contract for procuring Alpalhankam through PDN in the Strategic Plan is currently increasing very rapidly by 262% compared to the previous Strategic Plan. The implementation of IDKLO (2014 to 2018) has reached 74.8% of the contract value, or equivalent to the value of 2.46 billion USD.

However, Minister of Defense asked all parties related to the defense industry not to be complacent because there are still things that need to be considered to further improve the performance of the defense industry.

Some of the things that have been emphasized by Minister of Defense, among others, are the need for user commitment to consistently prioritize domestic products in the mid-term and long-term strategic plan in fulfilling the Army Defense for 2020-2024.

Furthermore, the defense industry is emphasized that it must be able to improve quality and production capacity and keep abreast of developments in science and technology including four point zero technology (4.0) to meet the security requirements in accordance with operational and spectral demands from users.

While , to eleven ministries / institutional members of KKIP, it was emphasized to build synergy and synchronization in accordance with their respective Auths, through more intensive and effective coordination so that acceleration / acceleration of development programs and development of the defense industry developed, strong, independent and competitive.

The KKIP Plenary Meeting was attended by KKIP Members, KKIP Implementation Team and Expert Staff as well as defense industry representatives from State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and Private Owned Enterprises. Also having the opportunity to attend the meeting, Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara. (BDI / RAF)


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