Cooperation with Thailand Allows Ukraine to Launch Production of BTR-3KSH
(Source: Ukroboronprom; issued July 25, 2019)
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DK "Ukroboronprom" has shipped to Thailand the first BTR-3KSh kit for licensed assembly in that country, General Director Pavel Bukin has announced.

"We view this export supply as a marker of our deepening cooperation with Thailand, Ukraine's strategic partner in Southeast Asia. Ukraine has serious prospects in this direction and we must use them in our national interests," he added.

A few years ago, a framework agreement was concluded with an authorized enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Thailand for the production of BTR-3E1, with various modifications, and other derived variants, Bukin said. In addition, Ukroboronprom will provide technical assistance and support to the kingdom.

The BTR-3KSH command-post based on the BTR-3 is a joint project of KBTZ, part of Ukroboronprom, other concern companies and private companies, designed for the Thai Army Land Forces in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense's Defense Technology Institute.

According to Bukin, in the current conditions, an increase in export sales is the only way to ensure innovative development of Ukroboronprom enterprises. "Cooperation with Thailand has allowed Ukraine to expand the BTR-3 line, and launch a completely new, world-class combat machine into production," the Director General said.

The BTR-3KSH is a new machine in the BRT-3 line, equipped with an automated combat management system that integrates secure communications, armor, sensors and weapons.

The battle management system brings a holistic picture to tactical computers and allows quick transfer of combat mission orders and monitoring of their execution.

BTR-3KSH includes unmanned systems, which allows it to obtain up-to-date information independently. At present, BTR-3KSh uses the RLA UAV from the State Aviation Company's General Aviation Company, which is part of the Concern.

It is possible to integrate any unmanned complex and light combat module into the command staff. Characteristics of the BTR-3KSh high-mobility 8x8 chassis allows it to reach speeds of 100 km/h with the ability of crossing water obstacles.

Kyiv Armored Plant is ready to begin state testing with the participation of the Ukrainian military in order to start mass production of these vehicles for the Ukrainian army.

According to the state contract concluded in 2017, the Concern's companies have to make for the needs of the Armed Forces another variant of the armored personnel carrier: the BTR-3DA, of which 20 units have been ordered. However, at present, the Kyiv Armored Plant has not yet supplied these vehicles due to the Ministry of Defense's refusal to agree on calculation and costing materials, given the increase in production costs.

The relevant government contract is concluded at prices valid for April 2017. During 2018, prices for components, energy and other costs increased significantly, which significantly affected the cost of the BTR-3DA. Also, the Ministry of Defense has not resolved the issue of allowing the use of foreign armor for production.

In order to resolve disputable issues from the Ministry of Defense, the State Security Service of Ukraine appealed to the court.


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